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1-Galaxy-Net Neurologic Topics


3-National Institute of Health

4-National Library of Medicine

5-National Network of Libraries of Medicine

6-National Parkinson Foundation

7-Neuroscience Web Search

8-Neurosciences on the Internet


10-Neurosurgery On Call

11-Neurosurgical World Wide Web Sites Index

12-Thinkfirst Foundation

13-Topics in Neurosurgery ­ with a world-wide directory of Neurosurgeons -

14-Whole Brain Atlas

15-Yahoo - Health:Medicine:Neurosciences

17-Acta Neurologica Latinoamericana (ANLA)

18- Neurosurgeon.com
Information on the field of neurosurgery separated into sections on the brain, nerves and spine. With directory of neurosurgeons. -

19-Neurovisualization Laboratory

20- Brain Tumor Cases
New York University's neurosurgery department presents a list of tumor case studies, with descriptions of surgical treatment procedures.

21- Center for Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery
Review techniques and procedures for surgical procedures. Includes news, a calendar of events, and FAQs

22- Cerebral Aneurysms
Educational guide to the condition answers basic questions about diagnosis and treatment. Read about endovascular surgery options.

23- Chiari Malformation
Discussion of this condition with links to a pictorial description of surgical procedure, pages edited by Neil Feldstein MD.

24- Columbia - Presbyterian Neurosurgery Dept.
Specialize in cerebrovascular disease, spinal instrumentation, epilepsy surgery, and pediatric surgery. Research diseases requiring neurosurgery

25- Computer Assisted Neurosurgery
Facility at the Univ. of Alabama describe this software system designed to improve patient care during surgery, and discuss related projects

26- David Herz, MD - Neurosurgery
Board certified surgeon presents an overview of practice procedures, a series of neurological educational materials, and a list of related links.

27- Foundation for Neurosurgical Research
Studies problems of the nervous system. Read about current projects, utilize the glossary of related terms, or view slides of brain surgeries.

28- Harvard Medical School
Learn about the work of the major neurosurgical clinical units aligned with Massachusetts General Hospital.

29- Journal of Child Neurology
Scientific work relevant to the fields of neurology, pediatrics, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, neuroscience, and psychology.

30- Journal of Neurosurgery
Order a subscription or change a mailing address, take down contribution instructions, or preview some articles and tables of contents

31- Management of Acoustic Neuromas
Dr. Robert Ojemann presents a guide for medical professions on the use of surgery in managing neuromas.

32- Neurology Online
Official journal of the American Academy of Neurology offers full text downloadable articles from current and past issues.

33- Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum 
Get answers on adult, children, and adolescent neurological topics by joining this forum with doctors from the            Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

34- American Association of Neurological Surgeons(AANS

35- European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

36- Research Projects in Neurosurgery, European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

37- Japan Neurosurgical Society (Japanese)

38-Sociedade Brasileira de Neurocirurgia

39-Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch

40-Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

41-Free University of Berlin - Abteilung fuer Neurochirurgie

42-Fukushima Medical School (Japanese)

43-GuidedTours of Neurosurgery on the Web

44-Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

45-Mount Sinai Medical Center

46-NeurosurgeryResidents'Online Handbook

47-NeurosurgicalAnatomy - Cadaver Dissections

48-New York University

49-Other Neurosurgery Websites

50-Servicio de Neurocirugia del Instituto de Prevision Social, Paraguay

51-University of California, Los Angeles

52-Spinal Cord Injury Information Network

53-Brain Surgery Information Center

54-Human Brain Project



57-British Journal of Neurosurgery

58-Journal of Neurosurgery

59-Journal of Image Guided Surgery

60-Human Brain: A Photographic Guide, Virtual Hospital





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African Journal of Neurological Sciences

Alzheimer's Disease Review

Archives of Neurology

European Neurology

Experimental Neurology

Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology

Journal of Neurology

Journal of Neurosurgery

Journal of NeuroVirology



Spinal Cord (Official Journal of the International Medical Society of Paraplegia )

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